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The STARDUST Token is the in-game and reward token for all activities in the Stardapp as well as the entire SKY GODZ universe. Earn STAR by playing games, watching anime, reading webtoons and trading NFTs..

Benefits of the STARDUST token:

  • Experienced and fully doxed Team
  • Real Project with real products
  • Token launch supported by NFT Collection
  • Start playing games after the token launch
  • Active Dapp (Stardapp)
  • Aggressive marketing campaign
  • Liquidity locked for 365 Days
  • Locked supply with vesting schedule
  • 0% Tax
  • Listing on all token sites
  • Customer Support by email and Discord

Deployed to the Polygon Network

Contract Address: 0x5ADEec9c3a4eAdE2A329A2ff2647EAE29C57D296

Max. Supply: 888 Billion


Use your SKY GODZ tokens for the following cool activities:

Earn rewards in the Games

Get rewards for missions and quests successfully accomplished in the Sky Godz games and trade tokens for in-game NFTs.

Play the Defi Games

Use the Stardust tokens to claim cosmic energy sources and crystals to power up your Founders NFTs and get more STAR as a reward.

Mint the Webtoons and Anime

Use the STAR tokens to participate in the anime and webtoons and collect, own or trade the episodes.