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Mint Episodes of the SKY GODZ: Stargazer Anime

An alien race came from the skies to earth amid an imminent cosmic war to become the gods of ancient times. SKY GODZ, the animated series, is their story. Use Stardust Tokens to mint mini-episodes and trade them in the marketplace.

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SKY GODZ: Stargazer Season 1 contains 4 episodes. Here is an overview of what is coming up...

Episode 1

EP 1: Arrival

The Anunnaki siblings, Enki, Enlil and Nin arrive at the Maputo base on earth to investigate the mysterious deaths of the alien-human hybrids.

Episode 2

EP 2: The Lizard King

Sargon’s insidious plan begins to bear fruit and Enlil meets Samana, the Lizard King. At the Andean base the preparations to receive the Mantis ambassadors are underway.

Episode 3

EP 3: Snakes in Eden

The Mantis ambassadors are being ambushed by the the Dracos. Enki is taking over the hybrid program and puts Sargon under surveillance.

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